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A Sleepy Village between The Offords and St.Neots

The Minster Church of Holy Trinity is an highly valued and architecturally  significant Saxon Church which is over 1,000  years old. Since that time it has stood as a reminder of God’s presence in our midst and in past centuries  acted as a mission centre for the entire area from which clergy would go out and serve neighbouring hamlets and villages.

Great Paxton CE (VC) Primary School is a small rural village school of 115 primary aged pupils. The school has 5 morning class: Ash –Foundation Stage, Lime Y1/2, Maple Y3/4, Oak Y5, Willow Y6. In the afternoon we operate 4 classes: Ash – Foundation Stage, Lime Y1/2, Maple Y3/4/5, Willow Y5/6.

Great Paxton Primary School

The Bell has been under new ownership since the middle of last year. The new owners are making changes that ensure that it retains its centrality within the village with many of the club activities/teams being core to keeping the Village Local feel.With plans to incorporate a local corner shop. Visit its web site to find out more.

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On the east bank of the River Great Ouse between St Neots and the Offords, Great Paxton extends for a mile or so beside the main rail link, Kings Cross to Edinburgh. At its centre is a pleasant pub, The Bell, and at the northern end of the village is the Church, a highly interesting Saxon building with one of the rare aisled naves of that period still left in this country.